To ensure your scores can be entered into the Woodlawn Handicap Registration System please follow these steps:

  • WRITE LEGIBLY! - if in doubt, our Staff will not enter any scores!
  • Enter the date - as scores are calculated in date order, a wrong order may yield an incorrect handicap. Therefore, without a date our staff wiil not enter your score!
  • Enter your first & last namesome surnames are identical, a first name helps identify the correct player.
  • Circle the Tees you used (red, white or blue)
  • Adjust your scores, if applicable, i.a.w. your Course Handicap and Equitable Score Control (ESC) - click here for the necessary information!
  • Check & Re-Check your score - our staff will do it again before entering your scores, just to make sure.

If you have any questions, please see the Starter or the Management.

Thank you!


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  • Woodlawn Golf Course
  • 86 FSS/FSBG, Unit 3221
  • Gebäude 553
  • 66883 Ramstein Flugplatz
  • Germany

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