INFO:       All logo's are 200px width, 72dpi and with transparency

HOW-TO: 1. In a separate page, add a Calendar Event and scroll to the editor area on that page
                   2. At the bottom of this instruction page, scroll to the Logo you need
                   3. Copy the file location text (starting with 'images/logos-' ) - until the end, without any spaces either side
                   4. At the other page, in the editor area, click the 'Inser/Edit image' icon: inser edit image icon: the 'Image Manager' window appears
                   5. Under the 'Image' tab, paste the 'file location text' in the URL field
                   6. In the bottom right hand corner of the 'Image Manager' click 'Insert' or 'Update'
                   7. In the warning that appears, click 'Yes' - the chosen Logo should appear; then finalize the Calendar Event as usual
                   8. Finally: check your work!
NEVER right-click to copy a location or image - ONLY use the File Location Text  provided!!.
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  • Address
  • Woodlawn Golf Course
  • 86 FSS/FSBG, Unit 3221
  • Gebäude 553
  • 66883 Ramstein Flugplatz
  • Germany

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