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What does an AF Annual Green Fee (AGF) include? It includes your green fee and reciprocal privileges at other AF courses when TDY and on orders only.

 However, Woodlawn extends the following additional promotional benefits to its AGF members:

  • Unlimited Tee Times
  • FREE (USGA formula) Handicap Service
  • 21 Days Advanced Tee Time Reservations
  • Significant Discounts (60%+OFF) on Family Member Rates
  • Coupon Book valued at $250 or more savings
  • Discounts on Golf Tournaments
  • $25 Off Annual Locker Rental
  • On-Line Web Specials

 The AF Golf POS system requires players to turn-in their scorecard to the Starter Shack for the Woodlawn staff to post.

PS: Post your scores after each round, good or bad, and adjust for Equitable Stroke Control. We have the “Equitable Stroke Control” posted at the Starter’s Shack, Bulletin Board, and lockerroom.



  • Address
  • Woodlawn Golf Course
  • 86 FSS/FSBG, Unit 3221
  • Gebäude 553
  • 66883 Ramstein Flugplatz
  • Germany

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