1. Governing Body – 2012-2015 United States Golf Association (USGA), Rules of Golf, will determine all play with the" "additions in these bylaws. The golf course manager/intramural director will make all USGA and golf course rules interpretations. See local rules #18.

2. Rosters – Team rosters will be limited to (24 person roster), but only four players will be eligible per match. Playoff teams" "will be limited to 16 Players. Members can be added throughout the season, but limitations are set for playoff matches, see rule" "11 below.

3. Players – Four players make up a team, which represent two 2-person match teams. A minimum of two players must show at the assigned tee time to avoid a forfeit. When only two players show, they may split and play as a single for each of the two matches.  All players must be present and checked-in with the starter 10 minutes before their scheduled tee time. USGA Rule 6-3a applies, the penalty for starting late, but within five minutes of the starting time, is reduced from disqualification to loss of the first hole in match play.

Additionally, as long as two players start the match, remaining late players may join the match at any point. Eligible players include military, dependents, and DOD/NATO/LN civilians assigned to a US Armed Forces or NATO organization. Player eligibility is based on where the player is assigned, rather than from where they are based.

4. Players’ Pool - The Golf Course will maintain a Players’ Pool for the purpose of helping units/orgs with maintaining players" "for their roster to avoid forfeits. Players in the players pool cannot play for more than one team. Contact Mr. Jeffrey Gutierrez or" "Greg Cowart below to acquire players for your unit. Players will be assigned in the order they sign up.

5. Format - Two-Person Scramble – Both players tee off and select their best drive. Then they both hit their second shot from" "that spot within one scorecard length (the one scorecard length applies to closely mown areas only--Balls in the rough must be dropped). (See #9 below). They continue this until the ball is holed on each and every hole. The team with the lower score wins the hole. The team (See #10 below) with the most wins per 9-holes wins the match earning 1 point. If the teams tie, then they each get a ½ point.

6. Pairings – All pairings will be done by the team captains. Two players from each team will play against two from the" "opposing team or one person may play against two. Team captains will decide which players will play.

7. Tee Box – Male golfers will tee off from the White Tees and the female golfers from the Red tees. Front (#1 Tee) and back" "(#10 Tee) starts will alternate each week when possible.

8. Start Time – Teams will be assigned Tee times every Tuesday/Wednesday. Tee times will be assigned beginning at 12:00pm. Tee times will be assigned in 10 minute blocks, with a group going off every 10 minutes.

9. Ball Lie – whoever’s ball is selected must be played as it lies first. If a ball lies in a hazard, it shall remain in the hazard for both players despite the scorecard length allowance. Failure to comply with this rule is loss of hole. If a ball is embedded through the green or lies in a divot (in closely mown areas, i.e. fairway, collar, tee only), players are entitled to lift, clean, and drop the golf ball without penalty. If a ball is lost in an abnormal ground condition, through the green, the players may substitute another ball without penalty and take relief as prescribed in USGA rule 25-1.

10. Scoring

     a. Match: The 2-person team with the lower score wins the hole. Each two-person team with the most wins per 9-holes" "wins their match, earning 1 point. If the team has a tie, then they each get a ½ point. Example #1: At the end of play if team" "“A” won five holes and team “B” won four holes, team “A” will get one point for the match. Win 5 holes = 1 point;

     b. Standings: The overall winning organization among the two available matches will receive:

Points Condition
 2  for winning both matches
 1½  for winning one match and tying the other
 1  each for even ties (all square)
½  for losing one match and tying the other
0  for losing both matches

c. Scorecards: Both team captains or representatives must sign the scorecards in order for them to be valid. Captains must indicate the two teams involved in the match on the scorecard and points accrued during play. ( Scoring format for match play, 1up, 2 down, all Square will used). Failure to do so will deem the scorecard invalid. After the match drop the scorecard in the drop box at the golf course. Before play begins all players must sign in at the starters shack.

11. Playoffs – The Playoffs will be among the top scoring 4 teams from both leagues (Tuesday/Wednesday League) or top 8 if there is only one league. This will be based on the most wins first, then total number of points earned. Subsequent ties will be determined by a sudden death playoff between each team’s best single player. A single elimination round robin event will determine the top three teams and the winning team for the season. Ties will be determined by sudden death. Playoffs will consist of 18 hole matches. Playoff schedule will be seeded (1st vs last, 2nd vs 2nd to last, etc.) based on regular season ending ranking (#of wins, # of losses, # of ties) from both the Tues/Weds leagues (if applicable). Players in the playoffs must have played in at least two regular season matches. Tiebreaker for the final will be one two-person team from each organization and will play sudden death from hole #1.

12. Winners - The Top Team will receive a trophy to take back to their unit and a photo will displayed in the Clubhouse with their team name for the following years to come. The winning unit from the previous year will present the trophy to the new winning unit each year.

13. Course Monitoring – Monitoring play progress is the responsibility of the golf course staff. Any team holding up play must be forced to catch up. If your group has an open hole in front of them, you must speed up play by any means necessary. First offense will be a warning, second offense the team will be assessed a 1 stroke penalty. Third offense will result in loss of match.

14. Golf Course Etiquette – No individual should ever participate in any golf competition without knowledge of the rules and courtesies of golf. All participants will conduct themselves in a dignified and courteous manner while participating in the intramural program.

15. Rain-outs/Inclement Weather – Decisions as to unfit grounds will be determined by the golf course staff. If the golf course is open for play, the match cannot be deemed a rain-out. If a match is canceled after it has begun, it is the responsibility of the team captains to reschedule the match within two weeks or the points will be split. If the match completes 5 holes then the match will not be rescheduled. The score for the holes that were completed will stand as the final result for the match.

16. Forfeits – Any team that forfeits three matches will be dropped from the league. If your unit or organization is unable to play a match due to out of the ordinary mission essential requirements, with your unit commander’s letter of verification, a match can be rescheduled. However, notification must be given to one of the individuals listed below for Intramural Bylaw Interpretations, or the opposing team captain, before the match begins at the scheduled tee time. If no notification is given, a forfeit will result rather than a rescheduled match.

17. Intramural Rates for 2015 -

   E-1 to E-4 E-5 & Above 
   GS1 - GS4 / NF-I  GS5-GS9/NF-II/III
 9-Hole Green Fee  $12  $17
 9-Hole Cart Fee  $  8  $ 8
 Green Fee & Cart  $20  $25

18. Other Rules/Local Rules -

     a. #18: Patio area in back of #18 is out of bounds. A ball coming to rest in the Flower Bed in back of #18 must be dropped in the drop zone. The drop zone is identified by a large circle with the letters DZ inside.

     b. Boundary fences or white posts, including maintenance area fence, are out of bounds. Barrier along Mackenbach Road and other areas is considered a boundary fence. If any part of your ball lies on the out of bounds “line” it is considered out of bounds.

     c. Blue or stakes or white paint indicate free drop as ground under repair (GUR), additionally, any heavily worn areas with rocks will be considered GUR (nearest point of relief, one club length, no closer to hole)

     d. Wood chips, heavily worn areas, or rocks that are connected to the cart paths and are marked with white paint are considered extensions of the cart paths. Additionally, any heavily worn areas with rocks

     e. Play is PROHIBITED from all flower beds (free relief must be taken) – Closest point of relief, one club length, no closer to the hole.

     f. If stance or area of intended swing is interfered with free relief is as follows:

        (1) Sprinkler control boxes, pump house, restrooms, bells on #8 & #11, fuel poles (orange and white), and drainage control area on hole #17 are each to be considered immovable obstructions. Choose closest point of relief, within one club length no closer to the hole. No line of sight relief (Rule 24-2). No free relief from boundary fence. However, there is free relief from the security cable inside the base boundary fence.

        (2). Leaf piles that are located in the inner woods are not intended for removal and are not considered ground under repair.

        (3) Roads that are prepared with gravel, stones, or pavers are considered immovable obstructions and players may take relief under USGA rule 24-2b. Paths worn by traffic are not necessarily free relief. When in doubt, play a second ball.

h. Second Ball: If there is any doubt on a ruling and a member of the rules committee is not nearby, players should play a second ball under USGA rule 3-3a and obtain a ruling before posting their scorecard

i. Provisional Ball: A provisional ball is a ball played under USGA rule 27-2 for a ball that may be lost outside a water hazard or may be out of bounds. To Speed up play, play a provisional if the original ball could be lost or out of bounds.

j. Stones in Bunkers: Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions USGA (Rule 24-1 applies).

Contact Woodlawn Staff for Intramurals Rules, Bylaws:

Rules & Bylaws Interpretations:
TSgt Turner, Joshua (Rec. Aid Leader & Rules Committee Chairman)
Alex Rowson (Golf Professional & Head Teaching Professional)
Jeffrey Gutierrez, PGA (General Manager/Intramural Director/Golf Professional)

Final Rules & Intramural Decisions: Golf Course Manager


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