Practice Facilities


The practice Putting Green
The game of golf is a constant pursuit of excellence. Whether competing against your fellow golfers or yourself, there is always room for improvement.

Make the most of your opportunities to improve your game with some well-spent time at our Practice Facilities. Woodlawn Golf Course offers:

  • practice chipping & bunker area
  • practice range
  • practice putting green

- all to assist you in your pursuit of golf excellence!

 Chipping & Bunker Practice Area

The Practice Area is located between the Parking Lot leading to the North Side Gym and the main road along the Post Office - adjacent to the Mini Golf area.

It offers exciting possibilities to practice your Chipping and Bunker game and improve your golfing skills! Go have a look and judge for yourself!


  • Woodlawn Practice Area 01 Small
  • Woodlawn Practice Area 02 Small
  • Woodlawn Practice Area 05 Small
  • Woodlawn Practice Area 04 Small
  • Woodlawn Practice Area 03 Small
  • Woodlawn Practice Area 06 Small

    8500 SqFt USGA Green for Chipping & Bunker Practice, 1 Full Sized Bunker
    Hundreds of positions to practice from - side hill, uphill, downhill, flat, elevated and - as you can see above! - even over water!
    ATTENTION: NOT for Pitching over 35 yds - NOT for Putting Practice!