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Signing up is possible for any tournament planned - even if not yet advertised seperately here! Please go to the Pro Shop - sign up - make your payment and you're in! Alternatively contact the Pro Shop at DSN 480-6240 or 06371-476240 for payment - no worries!
  • Here you will find all current and routine tournaments organized by the Woodlawn Golf Course during the European golfing season. Although the course is open year round, the tournament season normally runs from April through to November.

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    St Paddy's
      Sat   14 Mar   COB Wed 11 Mar   Results
    Night Golf Par 3 Challenge   Sat   11 Apr   COB Wed 08 Apr   More Info to Come
    Uno, Dos, Tres   Sat   02 May   COB Wed 30 Apr    More Info to Come
    Beat the Pros Challenge   Sat   06 Jun   COB Wed 03 Jun   More Info to Come
    Woodlawn Open   Thu-Sun   18 Jun       More Info to Come
    Red, White, and Blue Scramble   Sat   04 Jul   COB Wed 01 Jul   More Info to Come
    6-6-6   Sat   22 Aug   COB Wed 19 Aug   More Info to Come

    European Team Forces Championship @ Rhineblick

      Sun   20 Sep   COB Fri 11 Sep   More Info to Come
    Fall Glow Golf   Sat   03 Oct   COB Wed 30 Sep   More Info to Come
    Turkey Shoot   Sat   14 Nov   COB Wed 11 Nov   More Info to Come
  • Address
  • Woodlawn Golf Course
  • 86 FSS/FSBG, Unit 3221
  • Gebäude 553
  • 66883 Ramstein Flugplatz
  • Germany

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