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37 AS Golf Tournament
Friday, September 29, 2017, 09:00 - 14:00
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Contact POC DUANE C. JENSEN at DSN 480-7045
Per what we discussed earlier, the sabotages for the 37AS tournament are listed below.

One team will draw a card from a deck and that number will be added to their final score
One team will putt using a miss-weighted (wacky) ball on hole 1
One team will be putting with a toddlers (plastic) putter for hole 3
Every team but one will tee off with a baseball bat on hole 4 (request hitting mat)
Every team but one will have a member putt blindfolded with their team mates directing them on hole 6
Each member of one team will play their own ball on hole 8 and the worst score for the team will count
One team will play with airline style life preservers on for all of hole 9
Each member of one team will draw a card from a deck and the corresponding number will be only club they use for hole 12.(they will use their putters on the green)
Every team but one will play hole 16 driving and putting with their opposite hand
Every team but one will have to putt using their putter like a pool stick on hole 18
Each member of one team will lose one club for the entire round (except their putter)
Every member except for one team will lose the same club for the entire round(except for driver and putter)

With a shotgun start at 0900, I would like to have the sabotage auction start at 0800, could we use the sign-in room for the auction as well?

Finally, I will have volunteers at each sabotage hole to keep things moving and to dish out the punishment. Thanks again for assisting. I am really looking forward to this event.

Mobility Section Chief, 37th Airlift Squadron
Ramstein AB, Germany
DSN 480-7045 Comm 49 6371-48-7045